Pension and Disability

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For answers to commonly asked disability and/or workers' compensation questions review the information below. Click here for information regarding commonly asked pension questions.

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What are the differences between disability and Worker's Compensation?

State disability insurance covers off-the-job injuries or sickness and is paid for by deductions from your paycheck.

Worker's Compensation takes care of on-the-job injuries and illnesses caused or aggravated by work.

Is there supplemental disability or worker's compensation?

No, but your must send in copies of your disability or worker's compensation checks to receive credit for your insurance.

How do I file for benefits?

For state disability, you must go to your doctor, who will determine if you need to be off work.  the doctor will give you a note to give to your store manager.  After giving the note to the manager, call the union office for the state disability and supplemental forms.

On worker's compensation, you must report the injury to your manager or supervisor immediately and he/she will complete a claim form and arrange medical treatment.

Can I go to my own doctor when it is worker's comp?
You're entitled to be treated by your own personal physician if you've notified your employer of the doctor's name and address in writing before the injury.  (Forms are available at the union office).
How long do I have to go to the company doctor?
Thirty (30) days after reporting the injury and being treated by the company doctor, then you ca switch to your own doctor.
What happens if I go to my doctor and find out it is worker's comp?
Get a note from that doctor stating that your condition is work related and give the doctor's note to the store manager or supervisor.
What happens if I am permanently disabled?
If the injury keeps you from returning to your regular work, you may qualify for vocational rehabilitation benefits or training into a new job, which may or may not be with another employer.
Does the union have worker's compensation attorneys?
Yes.  Rose, Klein, and Marias (909) 944-1711.




What does vesting mean? It means that you have the right to collect your retirement benefit.  When you become "vested", your pension benefit becomes "non-forfeitable" which means that you will be entitled to a pension benefit when you reach retirement age and retire in accordance with the rules of the plan.
How long does it take to vest? You must have five (5) years of vesting credit to be vested.
Dos it matter if I am full-time or part-time for vesting credit? For Food you need 150 hours of covered service in a calendar year.

For Drug you must have 300 hours of covered service in a calendar year.

What does "benefit credits" mean? A measure used to determine the amount of your retirement benefits.
How do you receive a full benefit credit? Food & Drug:   By working 1800 reportable
                         hours in a calendar year.
Does it matter if I am full-time or part-time? Yes, full-time earns 1 benefit credit in a calendar year (if 1800 hours are worked).

Part-time earns a pro-rated fraction based on reportable hours. (Call the Insurance Dept. for further information).

How are my Pension Credits affected when I am out on disability, workman's compensation, strikes, etc.? You are credited with six (6) hours of covered service per day for each day of disability or workers' compensation up to a maximum of 1800 hours of covered service during your lifetime.  (Provided that your disability started on or after September 1, 1990)

Drug rules are the same as food for disability and workers' compensation (provided your disability started on or after July 1, 1995).

No pension credits are given while on strike.

Once I am retired, how many hours am I allowed to work? Forty (40) hours in a four (4) week pay period, and fifty (50() hours in a five (5) week pay period.
How much is my pension reduced if I elect the joint and survivors option? Food is reduced by five percent (5%), unless your spouse is more than five (5) years younger. 

Drug is ten percent (10%).

If I die before retirement, will my spouse receive my pension? If you are vested and die before retirement, your surviving spouse will receive lifetime pension payments (payments will begin on the first of the month after you would have reached age 50).
If I die, will my spouse have medical benefits? If you die before you retire, there will be no medical for your spouse.
How far in advance should I apply for pension? Two (2) months before retirement