Why Government?

Why are we involved in politics?

Big Business
contributes tremendous amounts of money to political candidates and to lobbyists that protect their interests. In the last election, labor unions were outspent 19 to 1 in political races. 

Market Share represents the amount of the grocery industry that is represented by the union. The government dictates the ability that unions have to represent employees and it determines incentives, such as tax breaks, that will be given to companies that are interested in doing business in our area. 

Workplace Issues such as overtime, health and safety standards, family and medical leave and protections for those with disabilities are directed by the government.

We can be successful against big business since we have something that they don't: the ability to mobilize our members and turn them out to the polls on election day.

How do we determine which candidates we support or oppose?

Local 1167 considers two factors when endorsing a candidate: their voting records and positions on key workplace issues. The Local does not endorse on the basis of political affiliation.

Those that have voting records with labor on key issues in the past are offered the support of the Local while those that have voted against the Local are opposed.

Since many politicians have not held elected office, the Local must rely on their positions on key workplace issues. These candidates are sent a questionnaire from the Local. The results are compared against others in the race and the candidate that advocates for our issues is endorsed, regardless of his or her political party. 


How can you get involved?

The Local vigorously supports candidates in federal, state and local elections by precinct walking, phone banking and stuffing envelopes. The more involvement the Local has in the political process, the more responsive politicians are to our concerns! If you are interested in volunteering, please contact your representative. You can find his or her phone number and extension through their web page.